Fusionistic​ Era!!​

Hey guys!!

How are you gorgeous people, hope you guys are amazing and enjoying the spring. Now I know I am not that active here but will try and post as much as possible.

Anyways…..Let’s start with today’s post!!

Indian wear or western wear both have a unique charm. But….!! what if we love being true to our roots and don’t give up on our desiness?

How does that sound to you guys??

I guess you guys know what I am talking about!!!

Let’s take you through my most favourite trend and Yassss!!! as the title says I am talking about Fusion Wear.

I am posting a new look, which I curated just for you guys to understand that there can be so many possibilities and you don’t always have to go and shop for the new outfit every time.

Fusion wear is simpler than it sounds. Also, more wearable & unique than you’d like to give credit for. It brings out the best of both worlds and the combination of ethnic and modern has been in fashion since ancient time & would continue to be immortal.

I had one thing in mind while curating this look was Saree. They have always been my first choice, you can add vogue factor just by elegantly draping them differently and still achieve a new look every time you wear it. So, after wracking up my mom’s and mine closet for hours, until I find out something that satisfies my desi tooth while adding to some newness to my ensemble. I took classic printed monochromatic saree with hints of red in it and styled it with cape jacket, jeans & tube croptop. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

And, this turned out to be a perfect blend of traditional, modern yet contemporary piece. You guys can rock this style in parties or different wedding functions, especially it is a monochromatic tone you can wear this in any season. You can always experiment with various colors and prints and find out for yourself what works best for you. Here’s how I styled my fusion wear outfit.


Style Tip –

If you are playing with prints make sure not to use too many colors, pick one colour as too many colors can spoil the look. This is especially for short girl wear the same color footwear so you can look tall and elegant.

So, that’s all for today’s post.

This was just an illustration, how I did my look. You can definitely experiment with new drapes and looks at the end of the day you know what works for you.

I hope I was able to help you with the new look and trend alert.

I am wearing,

Tube Croptop – Zara

Earring – Forever New

Jeans – Zara

Cape jacket – Forever New

Heels – Steve Madden

Shades – Alexander Mcqueen

Thank you for dropping by,




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