Nativity from Lucknow and ended up in Delhi, have been living here for the past 14years now. Back in time, I had always been keen on making a mark in the fashion industry. So, I landed up doing fashion design from pearl academy, working with a designer and doing freelance styling. I had my share of up’s and downs in my journey.

Cut to 2017, I started my blog; “The Corusco Times”. So, welcome to my world, I firmly believe in “individualism” that everybody has his or her own style and their take on fashion or anything, which makes them apart. So, here’s my take on the style, which is very crisp and clean, for me “less is more”. I don’t like going complicated or over the top, it should be elegant.

Hence “the blog” but before talking about my blog, I want to tell a little story. Since my adolescence age, I was always very shy and not so confident girl. I had always lived in some inferiority complex because my complexion, that is a taboo in India that I have lived with. But, nevertheless, I had made my weakness my strength and trust me guys when I had made peace with my flaws. There was no looking back. So through “thecoruscotimes”, I want to reach maximum people out there (girl or guy) who have always been living in some sort of complexity. I just want to say start accepting your flaws and love yourself. I wish to inspire everybody with my thoughts, experiences and my sense of style.

I hope to get all your love & support and connect with you guys. My links to other social media handles are there, click the icon and head towards my other mediums. Please feel free to comment and ask your query about anything.

I will try and help as much as possible.